Donor Levels

gimme sponsor - $150

Funds scholarship for one Summer Session for one child in need!

par sponsor - $500

Funds scholarship for entire year for one child in need!

birdie sponsor - $1,500

Funds one coach for the year!

eagle sponsor - $2,500

Funds establishing a new National School Program or DRIVE Outreach site to serve 150+ youth per year!


 Funds establishing a new programming site for Summer and Fall Sessions to serve 500+ youth per year!


Funds a combination of additional Summer/Fall Sessions, National School Program and/or DRIVE Outreach sites to serve 1,000+ youth per year! On behalf of the many youth we are privileged to serve, we extend the same sincere thank you for any and all gifts, no matter what the level of support!  We rely 100% on private donations received each and every year so every donation helps us advance our mission.