Sam VanderVeen:  “First Tee coaches are super good and are masters on the golf courses.  They showed how to hit the ball farther.  Thank you for working so hard this year.   I like playing golf every chance I get. ” 

Parents Joel and Leslie VanderVeen:  “Our son has for years found a welcoming embrace in The First Tee programs from coaches and players alike.  Because of your programs, he loves the game of golf, has learned skills and this summer played team golf tournaments.  His younger brother and sister are well on their way to similarly positive experiences.  Your staff couldn’t be more helpful and we are looking forward to your future offerings.”

Sofia Hernandez: “I like learning how to play golf with lots of other kids & the games the coaches play with us. My favorite part is hitting the ball and learning not to putt too hard on the green. My favorite coach was Coach Taylor. I learned it is important to be kind and respectful to everyone & myself. ”

Mother Maria Hernandez: “As a parent I have very much enjoyed watching Sofia learn about the 9 core values that not only apply to golf, but life. Her interest grows each year in the sport. The coaches & volunteers do a great job of encouraging and inspiring the youth to be their best. I also greatly appreciate the organization’s commitment to introduce the sport to children of all backgrounds. It has always been a welcoming environment & she always leaves the golf course with wonder & hope of the next big opportunity that she can conquer. The First Tee program has done an amazing job not only with introducing Sofia to the sport of golf, but to encouraging her to pursue all her aspirations.”

Ivan Yabut:What the First Tee taught me is that I can do anything if I work for it as well as staying humble. The nine core values of the First Tee are where I really learned on how to act not only on the
course but off the course. I learned the value of being respectful of the course and those around
me because no one else is there to put you in check in the real world. I learned at an early age
that getting what you want does not always happen in golf, so that is why even now, a college
golfer, I never flip out when I have a bad hole or even a bad round. Staying patient and working
on the fundamentals is what will eventually lead to success on and off the course.”

Matthew: “I wanted to thank you for offering this program to kids.  I love to golf, and this experience has improved my golf game.  My favorite part was when we practiced our full swing.  I have learned that when you focus on the ball, you could hit the ball a lot further.  I also learned that when you close the face of the sand wedge it goes farther.   I also learned that when you do not take a big hit, that you will more power to hit the ball further.

I mostly enjoyed going to the US Senior Open and seeing the players, meeting some players and the class that was put on by the First Tee.  It was pretty awesome to see all of the other kids that were in the First Tee program.

I just want to say thank you for the help and I may join the golf team next year.”